Suggestions on displaying a series of bullets

Hi all-

I'm looking for ideas on how to display a series of bullets that are the "Critical Success Factors" for completing a process. The client requested what they called the "carousel treatment". I don't have an image to share so I'll try to explain as clearly as I can. I mostly do the writing and not slide-building, but I've been tasked to figure this one out.

Their vision is like the carousel of a slide projector in that it displays a single image and then rotates to the next image and can go in either direction around the circle. So in the module we'd show the image and text for factor #1. The learner could navigate to either #2 or #6, then on to #3 (or back to #1) and so on.

My concern is that learners will get frustrated having to go all the way through the cycle without knowing how many there are or when they are at the end. I thought about having all 6 factors displayed at the same time in a small size and then having the learner click to expand each one. They could do it in any order and access one they'd already looked at if they chose to. But that seems cluttered to me.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this creatively? Thanks in advance.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Christopher,

There are undoubtedly several different ways to approach this, but one option you may wish to consider in Storyline 360 is to use a main menu, which could be set up with a carousel look and feel to suit your client's needs, and then use this to access a series of "lightbox" slides, one for each bullet point.

If you have not come across lightbox slides before, they are basically slides that you can jump to and, when closed, return you to your original slide. They display on top of your current slide rather like an overlay.

I have attached a simple demo that could give you a skeleton to work with.

The bullet points can be selected in any order, in either direction and if you only want your users to be able to only go one bullet point either way from the one they last selected, you could achieve this using triggers that only enable adjacent bullet point buttons

Hope this helps.