Suggestions—one 2min audio file of a speaker...


I have a 2 min audio file of someone explaining a feature/benefits/etc. of a process we use.

Has anyone developed in Storyline something similar? Just looking for suggestions, tips, etc. for creating a Storyline module with this audio. I was going to use Vyond, but I cannot get it in time for this project.

I was thinking of a character that is the speaker, and have part of the slide display images/video/animation/etc. while he speaks. I would like to hide the player as well. Would anyone have other suggestions?


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Philip Landry

Maybe do something with key steps in the process or explanation and associate them with an image or drawing from the library that can be used as a memory builder while the narration plays? Example: Recycling tin cans:
Step 1: show can types included, step 2: show inside of can that needs to be rinsed 3: show rinsing under faucet 4: show recycling container to put them in with typical recycling symbol. So the person narrating will have a few steps/ideas and you can solidify memory of these using the pictures. Using timing to display or animate the pictures in or out can make the information more lively. Later you can use gamification to remember sequences or key points. Good luck !

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