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Bruce Graham

No idea...

I originally tried bribery, but it did not work.....



Not really

It's a recognition for thread and behind-the-scenes contributions and helping out, giving advice, and some other bits and pieces I guess, not number of posts The Articulate guys led by Tom grant this.

Glad to be able to help out :)

Natalia Mueller

Alexandros, that was awesome. Looks like Mark found a great way to get a lot of us all in one thread. It's probably been done but here's my super hero contribution

And it appears that  I'm late in welcoming you, Mark. It's good to have you here. I'm looking forward to seeing you around the forum.

Another tip on the "Hero" topic, always be positive. There are far too many other forums out there where people feel uncomfortable posting because they get snarky remarks. There are all ranges of experience and skill level here with more joining every day. It's so important to share advice and opinions in a positive way so this continues to be a great place to share ideas AND look for help.

Kimberly Valliere

Steve Flowers said:

I've almost NEVER seen snarky or troll-ish comments here. It's a pretty positive place to hang out. The occasional backlash against the product when things don't work quite the way they should. Never devolves to personal attacks. It's still 99.9% positive

AND that's why this is THE. BEST. user forum on the interwebs. FACT.
Tom Kuhlmann

Late to the game on this. Love the graphics.

Basically we look for people who are active, answer questions, and solve problems. We don't necessarily create the designation as much as recognize those who are already active in the community and accepted by the community as experts.

If you want more specific details or ideas on how to be more involved, private message Mike Taylor since he's the one managing the formal part of the process. You can always connect with me, as well.