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Feb 19, 2014


I am about to embark on some training for our back office support staff (all overseas) and while I have a few ideas of my own, just wondering if anyone had/has some creative ideas for making this type of training more engaging. The topics are things like fraud screening, trace investigations, etc. Procedure heavy stuff that could lend itself to scenarios,etc. I recently finished some software training that was pretty cut-and-dried and to the point, so I'm hoping to infuse some creativity to make these trainings a bit more fun - both for the learner, and for myself


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Arturo Aguilera

Hi Jessica,

Dry content always present a challege. I have always done training in a way that is interactive and fun. Scenarios, role plays, games, and group activities have made a dry topic more interesting. I have learned that besides how I deliver my content, the presentation, layout, color, and overall feel and look affects how training is received. Do you have movie clips that you can use? Can you use music as a learning asset? What's your WIIFM for this course? and does it relate to the content? Just a thought.

Jessica Huber

Thanks Arturo - I'm going to take the WIIFM approach with the fraud screening training and see how it works. The learners have to be comfortable with the software as well, so I will include demos and some try/test modes as well. Hopefully more creative ideas willl come as I get more comfortable working with the dryer material. :)

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