SUSHI Course

Hi everybody...

The past weekend I did a presential course of SUSHI for beginners...

It was great and in the end I talk with the Sushi Man and the idea, possibility of making an online course came to discussion..
I would like to ask you guys if any one knows where I can see an example of cooking courses made with Storyline and if you have any thoughts on this...


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John Hinchliffe

Hi Jose,

You can see some food related courses at and has some helpful stuff. As with any course, you don't have to copy what people have done previously on this subject as you can use a style/element used by another subject to make it awesome.

You could have drag and drops to make your own sushi roll, video decision scenarios on the proper processes, you could even do a game to catch you own fish! The possibilities are enless!

Hope that helps.