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Jan 09, 2012


I have an swf file that requires flash player ver 10 or higher to play. I have the correct flash player version installed and I'm able to play the flash file. I am also able to insert the flash file into PPT 2010 and it plays in slide show mode just fine. However, I'm unable to publish the slide correctly. 

The standard method for inserting swf movie is to use the insert "Flash Movie". If the flash movie being inserted is an SWF file, which requires a specific *.xml file. Using this standard method, will Articulate copy the required xml file? If not where should I copy the xml file to in order to get the movie to play properly?

Thank you,


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Brian Houle

Hi, Dan;

Articulate won't do anything with the xml file.  You will have to drop it into the published output folder.  Where depends entirely on the coding of the swf file, but I would try the root level of the published output folder first.  If that doesn't work, try the "player" folder.  If the xml file must be copied into a specifically-named subfolder other than data or player, you'll need to know that for it to work.

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