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Stefano Posti

Hello Rui,

Adobe Flash allows you to create interactions, but you should work on source files (*.fla files) not with output swf files.

You can still import swf, or image files, into your flash project, and try to treat them as objects... it really depends on what you have to do...

Flash requires some object oriented programmig skills, though.

consider a proper design process to build optimized interactions; hope it helps!


Stefano Posti

Hello Rui,

you should consider that Articulate, when generates output swf, break animations into pieces; if you take a single slide1.swf, for example, you will not see annotations, handled by Articulate actionscript code.

And oyu should consider that some code is present in the swf, too... like  _root.ArticulatePlayer.do something...

All this won't work in your flash, understand? It depends on what you have to import...

you can pm me the example, so that I can have a deeper look

Stefano Posti

no way.

as I told you, Articulate swf do use _root actionscript.

When your code loads a swf without using movieclip.lockroot = true , the child swf doesn't work properly.

You're currently using Actionscript 3, so the lockroout property doesn't exist anymore, and I don't know how to help you with loading the AS2 engage.swf inside your movie. try searching "loading AS2 swf inside AS3 files"...it's not only a matter of images not showing...have you seen everyhing is freezing?