Sync narration on layer

I have audio narration for each of 5 layers.  The audio is on the base layer timeline and triggered to play when that layer is triggered.  How do I sync audio with text on the layer? I tried just pasting the audio file on the layer (temporarily and to be deleted after synching) but when I click play on the timeline for that layer, the audio doesn't play.  Then I tried exporting the audio and playing it at the same time I click play on the layer timeline but I'm not able to set cue points.


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Tom Kuhlmann

What do you want to do with the audio? And then we can help figure out the best way to do it. You may not need to use layers. If you can share the slide, that helps.

As far as audio on layers, the audio probably works best to be on the relative layer rather than the base timeline. This way when the layer is triggered the audio plays. When you're out of the layer, the audio stops.