Systems Training that must be translated into multiple languages and frequently updated

I developed 3 large systems training courses very quickly with hands on simulations.  I have had to translate them into two additional languages.  Now a new country is coming on board which will make 4 languages.  I am tempted now to retake the system simulation captures in Captivate due to it's ability to swap background, global resources, etc.   

Any tips to make this process easier not just for new languages but also system enhancements?  Every time the system is updated (which is often), I have to go back and update the simulations which is painful in Storyline.  Captivate makes this process a little easier in my opinion.

On top of that I feel like the hands on simulations are extensive using a combination show me try me type approach clicking through the steps. However, learners don't really have to apply or demonstrate knowledge throughout. The learners only click to advance the process. I attribute this to the rapid fire development timeline.  

Any suggestions?  If I change to a Show Me then Try Me approach it would take a massive reworking of the content which I don't believe I have time for.

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