T/F Variable Across Slides

Hi! I have built out a couple slides where the learner needs to check the box next to each question they would ask a patient. Based on which boxes they check, the "View Response" button next to each question on the next slide shows up. For example, if they check the boxes next to the first and last questions, then only the "View Response" buttons for the first and last questions would show up on the next slide. I built it out using T/F variables, where if the checkbox is changed to the selected state, the variable changes to true. Then on the next slide if the variable is true, that response box goes from hidden to normal. But the response boxes aren't showing up. I'm guessing it's because the variable or trigger can't read across slides. I'm not sure how to fix the issue and any help is appreciated.

Please ignore the formatting of the slides. I pulled the 2 slides out of the whole course and the formatting got messed up when importing into a new project. I didn't want to spend a ton of time fixing it. :) 

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Molly! Nice work. I made some edits on the second slide. I edited the Initial State of each button to be Hidden from the start without using any triggers.

I deleted the triggers you had to hide them and added triggers to each button to only change the State of the button to Normal when the timeline starts on the slide (with the condition that the variable is True). I attached the story file for reference. I hope that helps! 

Molly Somerville

Sarah!! Yes!! Thank you! The trigger with the variable makes more sense (and seems more obvious now). I had the initial state set to hidden originally, but then thought maybe that was causing part of the issue, so I created the triggers. Glad to know I can simplify things. I really appreciate your quick response and feedback!