Tablet/Laptop recommendations for end users

Hi all,

I'm working with an instructor to develop several educational modules in Articulate.  This is part of a research study, and the instructor has funding to purchase 10-12 tablets or laptops that will be used by research participants to view the modules and other websites.  Upon completion of the modules, the machines will be "recycled" for new participants.

Additional requirements include the ability to wipe the machines remotely and to use them for data collection.  They must be encrypted. 

I don't have any experience with tablets (other than my iPad) and wonder if a laptop might be a better option.  Suggestions?


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Bob S


I'm not an IT guy so please keep that in mind when I offer the following...

Suggestion 1: Whatever you choose, make sure it plays nice with Flash  (certain brands of i-type tablet thingies do not )

Rationale: Articulate (and lots of the best websites) are based on Flash

Suggestion 2: While not as sleek, laptops might give your learners the ability to do more

Rationale: For example, printing out supplemental materials. Installing widgets needed to make certain sites work to their fullest.

Suggestion 3: Laptops are going to be easier to make use of after the study.

Rationale: Many schools welcome laptop donations, most do not support tablets.

Phil Mayor

Hi elizabeth

I would buy 12 windows laptops, I prefer Macs, but you are doing research and you need a system most users are familiar with, you want your content to play reliably. ipads will not play articulate content and I understand the playbook has flash as well as android tablets but you may still encounter issuess.

For the least amount of work I would go for windows laptops