Tailor projects for my portfolio?

Hi everyone,

So I'm creating my eLearning portfolio and I have permission to include a software training. It has an introductory module, and then three more modules which consist of a demo, try it, and quiz. They're not long, but should I include all of the course in my portfolio? Or just make the intro and the best module interactive, and show a thumbnail of the other two?

In general, is it a good idea to tailor products for a portfolio?

Thanks for considering this!

Andrea Squires, Application Trainer and Documentation Specialist

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Tim Slade

Hi Andrea!

This is a great question. Personally, I'm a big fan of tailoring the course to fit your portfolio. I would suggest tailoring the example to highlight the parts that show your best work and / or what you think is going to appeal most to your target audience (the clients you're looking to attract).

For example, in my online portfolio, I've edited the titles of some courses to use less company-specific language. I've also cut out slides that weren't "portfolio worthy." For my portfolio, I chose to go with screenshots and a highlight video to showcase each example. Eventually, I plan to link to a functioning version of the course, but I'm still working on that. 

I hope that's helpful! Let me know if you have other questions!

Internal Training

Suggestion, Screenrecord bits and pieces ( or like Tim says , highlights) of someone actively taking the courses. If the client feels they like what they see/hear, then have a separate page for that live experience once there is actual interest.
Explain your course development workflow with easy models.

Get  your own domain and get your own serious webhotel space. Https minimum.

Google and other datamining services/ free sites can and often is filtered out in corp environments.