Take a break and showcase your e-learning pets


The thermometer’s about to pop, and if you’re like us you’re itching for some harmless, distracting summer fun. And maybe a little creative inspiration, while you’re at it!

Pics of furry friends are a great way to distract yourself on a hot and lazy afternoon. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Charlie, Nicole’s stately, snub-nosed King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

You can see how Charlie lives a life of leisure in this “Day in the Life” themed e-learning interaction. (And download it yourself if you’d like to adapt it for your favorite cuddly friends—or perhaps even for a new employee orientation tour!)

Then show us your own fuzzy, fluffy, feathered, or fishy friends! Put your pup in a starring role in this interaction or just cut to the chase and post your favorite snapshot in the discussion itself or on Twitter with #elearningpets.

We can’t wait to meet all your pet buddies!

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Gabe Anderson

Very cute critters, Nicole!

Charly looks a lot like my current puppy, Scout (see my earlier post here), who runs with me just about every day, and also like one of my old dogs, Stella (shown here in her younger years).

Love those hearty German Shepherd mixes! Do you know Charly's breed mix? 

And just so that my other old dog, Happy, isn't left out, here's one of him and Stella together in their younger years (sadly, they've both moved on to greener pastures):

Nicole D

Oh too cute! Charly and your pup have the same ears! We had a DNA test done on Charly and her results are: labrador retriever, Alaskan malamute, American bulldog, german shepherd, rottweiler, and Siberian husky mix! I got her from our animal shelter when she was a pup. The animal shelter brought her and her siblings over from another island after their mom was abandoned. Her sibling were husky looking - fluffy, big paws and blue eyes! Charly was the runt and all brown.