Take a screenshot of a long online form

I am training medical clinicians to review long online forms for accurate and adequate data entry. I plan to use markers to highlight areas that are often improperly filled in. The form is 29 pages and scrolls up to access page after page. I could use individual screenshots, but I'd rather make the form act in the manner it does in the workplace. Thus, I'd need to capture the form as a verrrry long image. My client is a non-profit organization and I'd rather not have them invest in imaging software if possible. Any ideas?

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Ray Cole

Storyline has limits on how big an image can be, so if you are planning to use images of the document in any form, you will most likely need to screen-grab each page separately. If you are careful, you can use the free "snipping" tool that comes with Windows. Use the rectangular snip and carefully drag across each page, then save as PNG.

When you have the complete set of 29 PNGs. You can load them one after the next into a scrolling panel. With the bottom of the first page abutted to the top of the second page (and so on through all 29 pages), this will act just like a single long scrolling document. Any hotspots, annotations, etc that you want to use to call attention to various parts of the document or questions you want to ask about it (e.g., "Click the part of the document that tells you <whatever>")--you can put these into the same scrolling panel and then they will scroll along with the document.