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I have a module that contains graded questions. Those questions are not located at the end of the module but spread all along the module. I'm wondering how to make the learner take the quiz again when the pass score is not reached. I do not want the learner to go through the slides again but just want her/him to have direct access to the questions.


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Thierry,

The easiest solution would be to require the user to answer each set of questions correctly when they first encounter them, i.e., don't let them proceed until they "pass" a given set of questions. Basically, that prevents them from reaching the final Results slide until they have a passing score.

  • You can make them retry each question until they get it right.


  • Have a separate Results slide for a set of questions. And then have a final Results slide that scores the Results of Results.

Of course, that technique is easy when the passing score is 100%. Well, unless it's a huge course with dozens of questions, I believe it makes sense to require a perfect score. Tell users that up front, and they'll likely pay a bit more attention knowing they can't just guess their way through the questions. Also, if you provide appropriate feedback if they answer incorrectly, they (hopefully) learn the correct responses.

If you don't want to use that technique, here's another option:

  • Use a variable to track whether the user has reached the Results slide without passing. For example, I would set up a T/F variable called "TestTried" with an initial value of "False."
  • On the final Results slides, add a trigger that adjusts the "TestTried" variable to "True" when the timeline starts.
  • On all questions for which the next slide is NOT a question, use 2 triggers for the NEXT button.
    • Make one trigger go to the "next slide" if "TestTried" is False. The program will use this trigger the first time the user goes through the course.
    • Make the other trigger go to the specific slide with the next question if "TestTried" is True. The program will use this trigger only after the user has reached the final Results slide and then clicked a button to retake the test. It will bypass the content slides, and only go through the question slides.

If you're not familiar with using variables and trigger conditions, refer to Articulates tutorials. They definitely come in handy.

Good luck!


Hi Judy,

Thank you very much for that well-argue answer. It really fulfills my need.

To go one step further, I would like to mange multiple quizzes in one single module.
My course is made on 3 chapters, each chapter has a 5 questions quiz. The global passing score is 80%.
If the learner gets 5 good answers at the end of chapter one, she/he does not need to take chapter 2 and its quiz.
My concern is the following, if she/he gets 5 good answers in quiz 3 the global score in the result slide will be 66,67%.

Do you have any clue ?


Judy Nollet

Here's a trick I like to use. Insert a can't-possibly-answer-it-wrong Quiz slide and a Results slide at the point where a user has already done everything needed to pass the course.

One easy method is to insert a Yes/No (T/F) "quiz" set up like a typical acknowledgement statement (e.g., "Do you acknowledge that you understand the information in this course?"). If they submit a Yes answer, the Results show the Success layer, and the user passes. If they actually submit a No answer, the Results show the Failure layer, which could give them the option to review content or re-do the Acknowledgement Statement. (Hard to believe anyone would answer "No," but the option has to exist for that.) 

Alternately, the "quiz" can be set up in a way that there's only one answer (which, of course, is the correct one). The wording could be such that it looks more like a standard interaction than a question. And the Results' Success layer could be designed to look like any other slide instead of a Results slide; just delete all the fields showing scores and such. That way, all users who get to that point will pass -- without even knowing that counts as the "final" quiz!


Hello Judy,

Once again, thank you very much for that trick.

This option will work perfectly well, if you don't need to track the score. The score retrieved on the LMS will always be 100%.

I have also posted that question on the french speaking blog. The answer made by a staff member is, I have to request for that new feature.

A workaround would be nice. I'm trying to figure out, how to change/update the values of the automatically generated variables of the quiz. The idea would be to set a variable that would change the score of quiz 2 when the learner does need to take it.

I haven't come to a satisfactory solution, yet.