TalentLMS...any good?

Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with TalentLMS?

Currently, we are looking to move to a LMS that has more flexibility and options.  Most of the popular LMS packages have the same features as TalentLMS but seem to cost twice as much. TalentLMS pricing is very attractive but... sometimes you get what you pay for. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Rick Nusz

Um...this may not really be the answer but I'll mention it anyway!

So SL let's you specify a course player size on the design tab and when you upload to TalentLMS you can also specify a size. I've played with that to get my entire course into one window without having to deal with scrolling bars.

For what its worth...hope this helps!

Rick Nusz

I use the Modern template in TalentLMS and it seems to work real well without any scrolling bars. I should probably mention I use SL360. I had considered building separate courses for we and mobile but I'm a one person shop and there's only so many hours!

Not at my desk at the moment so sorry if this has already been suggested... Make or used a small course in SL3. Use the Modern Player. Upload to TalentLMS and switch to modern theme. Of course, this would change the theme site wide and current users would see the change. I have the luxury of not having any active users at the moment. Good luck!

Rob Caffrey

Hi All, I have tried many learning management systems and can say with confidence that TalentLMS is the best for the price. Very powerful solution and if you know how you can customise it significantly to realise a polished user interface to meet your particular needs (i.e. custom URL, branding, custom home page, etc. etc.)

If anyone has specific questions or would like assistance happy to help.