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Greetings, all,

I had an accordion interaction embedded in my Storyline 360 course which described each page of a document.  There were links on each page of the accordion interaction that would open the page in the browser in a new tab.  So, you'd have the course on one tab and as many as 5 other tabs opened. Then the subsequent slides were a quiz that would cause the learner to have to scan those pages to find the answers.

It was a bit awkward.

What ideas do you have for describing pages, making them available to the learner, and then quizzing on the content? 

I can't attach a document because it's proprietary.

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Joanne Chen

Hi Michele, 

It sounds like it is an open book quiz, right? Actually, I did use this strategy once in one of my project before. That was a course of training for confidential information security. The only materials I got for that case was the company information security regulations and they wanted it to be included in the course.

In the real world, we want employees doing the right things and they can actually check the company's rules anytime when there's a need. So the point is we don't need them to remember all the rules but to do the right choice. Therefore, I created all kinds of scenarios that employees may encounter in their real work and ask them to choose the options when they are in the situation. The company regulations are available to check before answering a question. Well, they can find the answer from it if they want. And you know what, that is totally fine because that can also help employees to build a habit to check company regulations if they are not confident of dealing with things related to information security. Also, it can help them learn where to find the information when needed. 

Sarah Hodge

Hi Michele! Joanne offered some great suggestions. Another idea would be to create a slide for each web resource and insert a web object on each of those slides. Then, have buttons/icons on the bottom of your quiz slides that lightbox each slide. Lightbox slides appear in a box over the current slide so the learner won't have to leave the quiz to access those web resources. Once they find what they were looking for, they can close the lightbox and answer the quiz question. 

Michele Brooks

Yes, it is an open book quiz.  The goal is simply to start them becoming familiar with where to find things in a contract.  I designed the course to cause them to search an existing contract template by asking them the page numbers on which they will find the answers to my questions.