Teach a troubleshooting process

Dec 22, 2014


I'm facing the challenge of providing a refresher course to veteran team members regarding a conditional ("if/then"), step-heavy (use multiple tools) troubleshooting process--also, due to access levels, more often than not these issues will be escalated to another team anyway.


I feel like I can come up with scenarios fairly easily, but I'm unsure what format this should take--should viewers participate in "troubleshooting" by clicking into mock tools?  Should I just present them a lecture? 


Has anyone trained troubleshooting via e-learning in the past, and was it successful?  Thanks so much!


- Jay


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Ashley Chiasson

Hi Jay - 

I've developed some troubleshooting e-learning for aircraft procedures, and we would use a demo/perform model. First the user gets the theory and watches the procedure being completed (e.g. video or as a step-by-step approach), and then the user gets to actually interact with the tools in the tool crib in a sequential manner. This worked really well, and simulated the real-life procedural steps. These were often developed as Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS'), and some reduced the need for in-class training by over 80%! They were incredibly effective, but most were developed using 3D models and Unity programming. 

In Storyline, I think you could easily do this if you had the before and after imagery (which you could even pull from a video if you had one). Then, you could create a tool crib and use hotspots and directives.

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