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Allison LaMotte

Hi Karen,

You can certainly build a course on coding in Storyline and then publish it to and LMS. Depending on the type of assignments they have, you can either have them type the code directly into an essay question in Storyline or have them submit it via the LMS (asssuming the LMS allows them to do that).

I hope that makes sense! If not, let me know.

Karen de Villiers

Thank you so much for your feedback Allison.

The only concern with learners typing directly into an essay question is that the code won't be verified/checked line-by-line, but on the total output. There might be slight variations to achieve the correct answer too which we won't be able to compensate for. Or am I missing something? 

This is such an exciting opportunity and I would really like to help the department to achieve their goal with this. 

We recently launched Saba as our LMS and still need to sort out some issues and learn what it is capable off.


Ulises Musseb

This might be one of those instances where a blended approach might work better than just elearning. Coding and programming are things that might require an experience person present to provide answers to questions, check for accuracy, and explain rather complex concepts.

Elearning can be good for reinforcement, performance support, or knowledge check, but I wouldn't recommend elearning to replace a live coding or programming course.

With legacy code there might not be a problem with updates and new versions of things, but in newer languages we also have to consider the longevity of the elearning based on updates in the teachnology being taught.