Teaching Japanese Characters in Storyline

Hi All, 

I wanted to share a short project I made yesterday that aims to teach some basic Japanese characters using Storyline. Please note this module is intended for a touchscreen PC, but can us used with a mouse. Here's a link to the course.

My company has a touchscreen monitor for marketing purposes, so I decided to create a course that attempted to teach a physical skill through e-learning. The result is this 1-2 minute module. 

I decided to use a dragging technique that gives the illusion of tracing the characters on screen. This allows the user to practice drawing the character with their fingertips. After they have traced 3 characters, they have the opportunity to draw them free-hand using an embedded flash paint canvas. 

I hope some of you find this interesting. I have used this dragging technique for a number of unique applications on a variety of courses, and I'd be glad to share more examples if there's interest. 

Here is the course. 

If anyone has any ideas how I can get the painting canvas in slide 4 to work in html5 to be iPad supported, I'd love to hear them!


Kind regards, 

Rich @ Ashorne Hill e-Learning

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Jacqueline Byrne

Hi Rubin, 

I think I tried looking at your example earlier. When I click on your link, this is what I get: 

"Not Found

The requested URL /resources/Arabic/arabicalphabet/Dhaal/story was not found on this server."

Would you be able to attach the actual file here so I could take a look? I'd really appreciate it.