Technical Skills for Developing Interactive eLearning Solutions

Nov 28, 2017


I've been an Instructional Designer for about 7 years now. I am looking at developing some technical skills (preferably new trending e-learning software or methodology).  Would really appreciate if you could provide some suggestions.

P.S: I have already done my Kirkpatrick and CPLP. 



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Ashwin Sekar

Hi Allison,

I will be working on a suite of compliance courses and organization wide training starting next year. My boss wants me to step up the game when it comes to the e-learning design and make it more engaging and appealing to the learners.

That's the reason am looking to gain some technical skills to create the wow factor in my e-learning courses :) Something along the lines of micro learning, gamification etc.

Allison Goldthorpe

Great! I would definitely check out the eLearning Guild's huge list of curated content. If you get a higher membership plan you'll be able to access their archived materials. Their summits focus on cutting-edge topics for eLearning which could be really useful to you. I think the Guild is going to be your best bet for learning how to implement new trends in L&D. also has some great courses on both technical and soft-skills for ID. You could purchase a month and then binge-watch a bunch of courses.

Those would be the two I'd recommend that are eLearning specific, and then you could investigate tool-specific training as well (e.g. Camtasia training). Good luck!

Cary Glenn

I guess it depends on what you mean by technical skills. If you are looking at gaining expertise in using Storyline and fully using its features, one of the best ways is to enter the weekly elearning challenges. They are a great way to hone your skills.

Other skills to gain would include the use of graphics programs, story telling and writing, colour theory.

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