Technical training creation

Hello All,

One of my current tasks is to create training to help people setting up wireless printers on a home network. 

The trouble I am having is at each point in the set up process many things can go wrong and be the cause of the problem.

Have any of you created anything like this or have any ideas on how I could approach this? 



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Allison LaMotte

Hi Sean,

You could build a branching scenario centered around a character who is trying to set up his/her printer. At every step along the way, you could give the learner a couple different choices. If they make the right choice, they move onto the next step. If they make the wrong choice, you can either show or explain to them what would happen if they did that, and allow them to try again. 

Do you think something like that could work?

Sean Winn

Hi Allison,

Thanks for your reply, I did try something like that in the past but I got carried away with the number of things that could go wrong at each step. It ended up getting very complicated and I ended putting it to one side.

Maybe its worth giving it another go with just the most common issues and keeping it as simple as possible.

Cary Glenn

It probably could get complicated, I would consider starting off with a welcoming screen and a checklist of materials needed. You might then need to break it down into Operating Systems (Mac/Windows) and OS system requirements (do I need Windows 8.1 or can I use Vista). Show each step of the set-up procedure and common mistakes (wrong plug-in). You could have a separate scene on trouble shooting, with a table of what is wrong and common fixes with links to a slide with how to fix the problem. I would also put a guide and trouble-shooting table in the resources tab that people could print off.

Sean Winn

Thanks Cary,

I like the ideas, that is sort of the way I looked at this topic in the past but because it is such a complicated process (or can be if something goes wrong) I ended up with an extremely large storyline project.

I think I will try again, keep it simple and just cover the most common issues and try no to get carried away with covering everything that can go wrong.