Technical training opportunities for instructional designers?

Feb 17, 2014

Hello all!

Does anyone know of any technical training opportunities for instructional designers? I am looking for either OLT or ILT opportunities to attend. I have encountered issues in the past year when uploading my finished Storyline materials to LMS system (Cornerstone), articulate tempshare and/or dropbox for viewing by my SMEs and leadership. I understand tempshare and dropbox may have size limits for uploading but if any of you can offer tips or suggest a troubleshooting training you have attended I would appreciate the help.

Thank you in advance!

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Mike Taylor

Hi Nick! Are you looking for something specifically around uploading courses? Or other types of troubleshooting topics too? I think one of the challenges might be the fact that there are so many unique variations of where/how people upload their courses. But if you're just looking for a good place to upload them for review there are several good options to choose from for that. 

Bob S

Hi Nick,

To Mike's point, it's a pretty weird animal to find training on as it's a "tweener" topic. Not really a recognized stand-alone tech skill like Flash coding, and highly LMS/Tool specific variations to boot. That being said, here are some thoughts you might want to consider...

  • Look for a generic course on CMS (content management systems) used for backend of websites/intranets.  The basic file types, naming conventions, restrictions, server considerations would serve as a foundational knowledge for interacting with an LMS or dropbox etc.
  • Look for 2-3 LMS-specific training offered by different LMS vendors. For example, take Absorb's video tutorial on course uploading and Cornerstone's ILT on content management, and Outstarts classroom session.  What you will begin to discover are the commonalities between systmes; knowing those will make it  far easier to learn any new system in the future!

Hope this helps!

Nick Martinez

Hello Guys!

Thank you for the suggestions, I appreciate your advice a lot. I will research what you suggested Bob.

MIke- to answer your question...I understand there is no specific training on uploading courses/training material rather there are many different methods to the madness. In any case, if you have any suggestions for other resources that I could use to upload Storyline training material to for viewing by SME's and my leadership team I would appreciate it. I think a lot of my issues revolve around the SIZE of my material and the modules are too large for dropbox and/or tempshare to upload for viewing.


Nick Martinez

Mike Taylor

A couple other options worth checking out that will handle bigger file sizes are Google Drive  (15GB) which is free and Amazon S3 which has a free option but you'd probably be beyond that with your file sizes. (Only 5GB for free) But it is pretty inexpensive and works very well.  Or you might even want to check out which is built specifically for reviewing courses. 

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