Telephone dialling interaction

Hi all. Hopefully someone might find this of some value. Just wanted to give back something to the community. :)

My first time to finally create a small elearning module. One of the activities that I thought of was for the learner to know where the number is to call helpdesk if there is any issues. So I created the phone interaction. I used the JavaScript help from the discussion forum as a starting point.

Some advise on streamlining and/or recommendations is highly appreciated. This was the highlight of my development (which may not be important but anyway...)

Not sure where to host to try and run it so I've included the story file.

There are a few improvements, such as the illusion of rotating dials, that I'd like to do. Maybe in the future. :)

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Dan Sy

Hi Allison. No it isn't supposed to call a number. This copy is only about the interaction (i.e. dialling the number). The actual production that I used this in had layers where if they called for example, 911, a layer would then show that they had called emergency.

If it would be more useful, I could upload a copy with the layers for calling specific numbers as examples. :)