Tell Me Your Secrets

Dec 21, 2016

Hello everyone,

Not very Christmassy this but I've just taken an interesting and visually appealing BBC Guide which allows the user to make decisions about the sharing of secrets between the UK and USA during WW2.

The only thing I'd change is the slowness of some of the transitions but the overall impression was positive. I include it here to provide some inspiration.

Here's the link:

I managed to persuade our American friends to join us but caused a certain amount of mistrust!

(Happy Christmas to one and all. May your 2017 be prosperous and fun.)

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Sam Lincoln

I'm glad you enjoyed it Andy. I've taken it several times to see where each decision takes me. The only thing is that each ending, as David says, is so realistic I don't actually know which ones were actually shared (other than the atomic bomb which resulted in it being used on Geramany which I'm pretty certain is untrue!) That's secrets for you!

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