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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to start a discussion here. I'm currently redesigning the companies template and I wanted to hear from you on features you have or wished you had included. Ideas I have come up with so far including the ability to streamline content depending on their current knowledge, which is established with a couple of multiple choice questions at the beginning of the course, a search bar and others. I just wanted to hear anything you have implemented in to your current designs (whether it be general design or features) that you feel have made a big difference. 




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Allison LaMotte

Hi Narissa,

What a great topic! Thanks for starting this discussion.

One thing I'd consider doing is creating color and font themes. I talk about why those are useful and how to work with them over in this article: 3 Things to Do Before Building Your Storyline 360 Course

I hope that's helpful! :) I'm excited to see what other tips community members have.