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Hey everyone I am having a hard time with this.  All eCourses at my company start with the Terms & Conditions slide (see inserted image below).  For this particular course, I've updated the player so there is a Menu & Exit tab at the top right of the player.  I really like having these at the top and it works well with the course.  Everything is fine - except I can't have the Menu tab appear on my Terms & Conditions slide.  The Terms & Conditions is set up so if you click Yes, you are allowed to continue into the course.  If you click No, the course closes.  With the Menu tab at the top, the learner can bypass the Yes/No interaction and go straight to the Menu & entire course.  Arggh.  Any ideas for how to get this off my first slide????

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Which version of SL are you using?
I assume you created the custom menu tab in the player properties window, is that correct?

If so, and if you are using SL3 or SL360:

  1. Create an action on slide 1 to execute JavaScript when timeline starts and add the following line of JavaScript
  2. On the first slide where you want the menu to appear, add an action to execute JavaScript when timeline starts but use this code instead

Let me know if that works for you.