Test of green screen and FLV files

Hi all

I am working on a course which use a some videoes I have taped on green screen. After some work in Adobe Premiere Pro. I have keyed away the green screen using Ultra Key and exported these files as .flv files maintaining the alpha channel and then imported them to Articulate.

However, I am having some issues with stuttering when playing the course. The flv videos "stops" and restarts again which leads me to believe there are some issues with the preloading of these files. But the first video in the course below is only 36 mb in size? So why oh why is it "stuttering".

the stuttering only appear on some computers. I was hoping to get some feedback from the community here and check if someone have ideas or solutions on this problem. Here are some details

Video 1 = 35,7 mb

Video 2 = 62 mb

See the attachment for details on export settings.

Could anyone please give me some feedback if you see any stuttering in the movies that has green screen? Or better, a solution if you have experienced this issues before


Thank you all

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Michael Hinze

Hi Morten, I do see stalling in the videos. On IE11, at first I thought the doctor is a static picture. Then I reloaded the screen and the video started playing. I also tried in Chrome, desktop Safari (video playback was consistently poor here) and the Mobile player App (player app crashed several times). I'm located 'across the pond' in Canada so I did expect some delays and stuttering. It should help playback performance if you reduce the dimensions of the video and encode the audio in mono.