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Apr 13, 2015

I'm developing a course with 2 different slides that I have the participant type in a text entry box and then on the next layer, carry over their responses. I was able to get the first slide to do this successfully but for some reason my second slide isn't working. It won't pull over the information from their second activity onto the layer. Is there something else I should be using inside the %% since I already used the generic %Textentry% for the first exercise? I tried naming the text entry boxes and doing it that way, it was unsuccessful Thanks!

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Nancy Woinoski

Check the name of your second text entry box.  It is probably TextEntry1. Storyline assigns a unique name to each text entry box that you create.  If this is the case then you should be using %TextEntry1%

The name in the %% must match the name of the of the Text Entry variable name exactly in order for this to work.

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