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Hey all, I will try word this as accurately as possible.. I'm working in storyline 1 and I have windows 10 and there are a few bugs, mostly that don't affect my projects at all. I ask my boss every month to upgrade to Storyline 2 and she is very happy with what I create that she doesn't deem it necessary ... anyhoo.. now this has been happening since I can remember but now I've had enough, whenever I get textual content to add and I copy and paste it into storyline it always comes out highlighted... not one word but the whole body of text- and it doesn't show as highlighted only until the mouse is hovering over it ... and this happens all the time it doesn't matter where I paste the text from... it only doesn't happen if I type it all inside of Storyline. and I create interactive study guides mostly and its a ton of text . Am I doing something wrong? Is this only an issue in SL1?? please please can someone help. PLEASEEEE!!

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Michael Shannon

Hey Nicky. Sorry for your frustration. Copy/paste can be a pain sometimes. If you're using MS Word to copy/paste then that could be part of the problem. If the text in Word is not highlighted then there may be another issue at play. 

I've experienced so many issues with copy/paste from Word--and from other sources for that matter--that I've taken a new stance: When I need to copy/paste I use a text editor. I'll copy/paste the text from word into the text editor (Ultra-edit or Komodo editor are great -- it has to be something that doesn't maintain formatting), then copy from the text editor into Storyline. That has removed all of the issues I've experienced. 

Jason Reed

Hi Nicky,

Michael's advice should work, but I have another option to try that might save some time.
I've had similar formatting issues with copy and paste into Storyline, but I've found a way to get around it. When you need to paste the text, just right click and select the Keep Text Only option from the menu (see below). This will remove any formatting and only keep the text.

Hopefully this does the trick.