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I am searching for Text to Speech Software to buy.  I have not found any voices that I like.  Are there any programs that have great voices that do not sound robotic and can convert text in an MP3 file.  I have looked at Natural Reader.  Is there anything out there that is better and what is the approximate price?  Thanks for your help!

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Steve Flowers

Storyline doesn't support text to speech in the runtime or in the authoring tool. 

To the OP's point, the best and most flexible voices I've found are Loquendo. Looks like Nuance picked them up. Neat thing about this is the emotes and the emphasis with punctuation. Haven't seen this with other TTS systems. I am not seeing a simple application in Nuance's stable. Surprising.


If you operate on a Mac, the OSX built-in voices are decent. Not as good as Ivona's or Loquendo's but passable for ear-tests and scratch audio for review.



Bev Standing

Although Text-to-speech software is improving, nothing replaces the emotion of a real voice.   There is a definite art to capturing and then keeping the attention of the listener.  As a professional voice talent that loves working on e-learning projects,  Prior to my years working in voiceover - I worked in construction and had to listen to many elearning training courses.  Many my co-workers would simply start playing the video and then go for coffee because they reader didn't make them interesting, or the voices were annoying, so I'm speaking from both sides of the fence.