Thanks ELH Challenge #115

Aug 16, 2016

A little while ago there was the ELH #115 Parallax Challenge. I learned a lot from this challenge as i hadn't used sliders before, let alone in a way where multiple sliders interacted with each other.

Well, thanks to that challenge, i did learn. And i was able to apply it to a project im currently working on. The demo below shows how speed effects the stopping distance of a vehicle on multiple road surfaces. 

I pulled this from a safe driving module i am building. I wanted to give a shout out to the ELH  Challenge community, i always get excited when i can use some knowledge that i recently gained. 

I'll include the .Story if anyone is interested in how I incorporated the math. The sliders move on the formula: 


d = (v^2)/(2ug)

where d = distance,

v = velocity,

u = coefficient of friction,

and g = acceleration due to gravity


It still needs to be prettied up a bit, but I'm happy with the function. enjoy. 


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