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I have been a long-time user of Articulate.  While the toolset is awesome, one of the best features has always been the staff and the community’s willingness to share. For a subject matter expert like me with very little time to master the tools, the community has been a huge asset.

I have become a big fan of Rise because it always me to rapidly deploy safety training.  Once of the downsides was the translation feature.  One of the community members, Thor, came up with a great solution which I have been testing for a couple months.  I have one client whose employees speak over 100 languages.  He recently made his program (herotranslate) available on the Microsoft Ap store for Rise and Storyline.  I am not trying to hawk his product but it is users like Thor that give the Articulate products wings.  The Articulate program is worth it’s weight in Gold and the community takes them to the next level.

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Jennifer Sykes

Hi Steve,

I fully agree with you. I am a newbie to Articulate and am now using it almost full-time for the design of E-learning. It is such a fantastic programme. When you have a question, the team sends you personalized screen recordings back and the community has got a wealth of knowledge that they generously share.

So glad to be part of the community.

Warm regards from new Zealand,