The most common performance or behavior topics in elearning?

Just received this question from a blog reader looking for some help creating a list of course topics she can build out with her team. Since we represent so many different industries, I thought it would be best to post in the forums.


Hi, I hope this is the appropriate place to ask this kind of question. My company is relatively new to eLearning and I’ve been tasked with designing some demo courses, activities and interactions to demonstrate the range of eLearning possibilities to upper management. I’m looking for common topics that I can take back to my team to figure out the best ways to design and build them out. I’m looking more for topics and scenario, activity examples than finished course examples. Any help or suggestions you can provide will be most appreciated.

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Zician Leo

This might be a "non-conformist" type of suggestion but how about building a course about the benefits of eLearning, as opposed to classroom training? That's what I would have dome ... You can make it really interesting by comparing all the benefits and aspects of eLearning with the non-interactive, facilitator-centred aspects that surround classroom training. 

Just an idea :)

Lee-Ann Williams

We use it for systems training, product knowledge and sales training. I'm working right now on interactive scenarios for sales training. There are a lot of opportunities there for practice, coaching, and feedback. For product knowledge, eLearning offers the advantage of taking things apart, demonstrating how they work, showing comparisons, letting learners practice certain skills, linking up to outside resources for more information, and of course, social learning where employees share tips and knowledge with each other. I'm thinking right now of how I can include this aspect in our training, because I am rewriting a course that has been distance learning with multiple participants and a trainer, and trying not to lose the synergy of those relationships.