The result page for multiple questions in one slide doesn't show results

I'm building this English Listening test which has 30 questions. There are 5 different questions for each audio file and I thought showing the result after each 5-question slide would be my best choice. (I've tested different ways but couldn't make it work. I would appreciate it if you help me with any other ways you think this is possible.)

Anyway, the result page doesn't show the results. Any ideas why?

Thank you in advance. 


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Sara,

While your "Pick Many" slide looks like a quiz question, it isn't an official quiz slide. To create a quiz slide that can be submitted for Results, you have to insert a Graded Question slide. The buttons and text on those can be re-arranged however you like. Those slides are automatically programmed to show the Submit button, which has the trigger to submit the answers.

Storyline provides different kinds of graded questions, including Multiple Choice (user can only pick a single response) and Multiple Response (use can pick more than one response).

If you want to keep 5 single-choice questions on one slide (as in the file you provided), you'd have to use one Multiple Response question, and re-arrange it into 5 sub-questions.

  • Be aware that would allow a user to select more than one answer to each sub-question. I don't think they'd do that, but it is a possibility.
  • The user would have to answer all 5 sub-questions correctly for the overall question to be graded as correctly.

The Articulate user guide and tutorials provide more details about how to use quiz slides.

Good luck!

Joanne Chen

Hi Sara, 

If you want to keep your design(5 questions with one audio in one slide), you can use variables to count how many correct options are selected when clicking next and show the counted score in the next result slide. You don't need to use grade slides. Don't use grade slides because that way you can only have one question in one slide. Here are steps to do:

  1. Create numeric variables(test1,..., test5) for counting each listening test score and have the initial value equal to zero.  
  2. Add value 1 to test1 when the user clicks next if the state of CORRECT ANSWER is selected. And so the rest four, there should be five triggers for counting the test1 result.
  3. Show variable test1 value on the first listening test result page.