The "Retry Quiz" button not working.

Apr 24, 2017

Hello!  I am using SL2  with both "Retry Quiz" and "Review Quiz" buttons on the Quiz results slide. 

I then use SCROM 2.1 to publish it for the LMS (Moodle 2.9). When I review it on the LMS  the review quiz button does work, but when you click the retry quiz button it does not work.

I have checked the Result Slide Properties and the tick box for "Allow User to retry quiz" is ticked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

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Carmelo Moschella

Ok understanding the logic as per your answer

My Retry Quiz Button is labelled Button2 therefore in Trigger Wizard

Action: Reset results 
Results:4.1 Quiz Results (Which is slide 4.1 Quiz Results)
When: user clicks
Object: Button 2

Now for the second Trigger could you please tell me which slide I should use?

Thanks again.



Carmelo Moschella

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for that quick reply. I kinda guessed that after looking at the Results trigger...

In my presentation i created 5 questions and linked them back to the Results Slide.

As for a Question Bank do you use them? Are they easier or more difficult to apply for delivery as part of a SCORM object for a Moodle LMS?



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