The War of 1812: An Articulate Project

"It was Monday and it was another day at school. As the “Star-spangled Banner” echoed through every class and corridor at Grayson Elementary, John Edwin yawned... " 

And thus began an e-learning module about the war of 1812 and the importance of national anthems. Built with Articulate Storyline 2, the module was really an attempt to kill two birds with one stone: One, fulfill a graduate school requirement and two, to learn how to build something story-driven and a bit complex with Articulate Storyline 2. 

In working with my subject matter experts on this project (In this case, the school principal, and district instructional technologist), I got invaluable insight on how to make the module easy for 3rd and 4th-grade students : More pictures, less text, instead of text, use narrations, give clear concise instruction about how to carry out certain tasks and access more information. I used 3d animation tools like Cinema 4d and a text to speech software called "Sayit" on Mac.  I was both the designer and developer on this project.

I will be creating a Unity game version of the module for a more immersive experience. The module was created for the Shippensburg Area School District in Central PA.

Check out more information about the module here and you can view the module directly here.

Your comments, advice, and input will be deeply appreciated. 




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Daniel Brigham

Olusegun: Thanks for sharing this. I liked the field trip theme here. Nice suggestion of movement or of a search. Your characters were also intriguing looking.  A few suggestions:

1. Make sure voiceover narration is approximately at the same level throughout. There was at least one slide toward the end that was quite a bit louder.

2. You used audio a few times toward the beginning, but then you seemed to move away from it. Because the story is fantastical, perhaps music or some type or audio effect could provide a sense of structure, or a "back at home base" type of feeling. Thanks again for sharing.