There has to be a better way...


We have been doing webinars via GoToMeeting in the past and then provided the recording as a download on our website (in WMV format). However, these files are really not all that nice to use...they are not interactive and people just don't like them much.

So now we're thinking about a better solution. We use subject matter experts to present their content (typically PPT slides) online and need to record their voice. We like the Articulate Presenter format a lot but I am not clear how to connect the dots. For example, we're in New York and the presenter is in L.A. - how do we record the presenter's voice during the online presentation? And how do we then split the recording into many clips so that we can import them in Presenter on each slide? Or is there maybe a completely different/better way to do this?

Any suggestions you have are much appreciated!



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