Three column drag and drop interaction

Can anyone please tell me how I can add a three column drag and drop interaction to a slide?  Ideally it would be a table layout rather than a drag and drop onto the column title. I would have about 10 different statements that the learner would need to sort into the correct column.

I've tried searching but can't see what I am looking for. Many thanks.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Jo,

To get the look you want, create a freeform drag-and-drop. Here's more info:  

FYI: Based on your description, you'll need 3 drop targets: one for each column. If you set the options to "tile" the dropped objects, they will stack in the target. If you want to make it look like a table, you could make the targets transparent and put a blank table (or just something to make it look like a table) behind that.  

Good luck!

Jo Craig

Thanks Judy. I have done that. Now I want to get my sentences that need sorting into the drop zones to appear one by one at the bottom of the screen. I have gone into the drag and drop options and ticked the box, all my text boxes appear in the list, but they don't appear when I preview. What am I doing wrong?