Time Limit for Whole course/game etc

Hello friends

I am building a desktop version of a game for kids(storyline 3). I want to know if there is any possibility to assign a time limit at the start of the game. ( like I want parents to assign time to the kids, once the time limit is collapsed the kids should not be able to use the course/game any further)

Am I talking something not possible? or is it?

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Asad. I'm thinking that an overall time limit for completing the course (or game in your case) would likely be something controlled by the Learning Management System your course lives on.

However, if your course isn't going to live on an LMS or your LMS doesn't offer a timer feature, you could try including a Quiz Results slide and configuring the timer feature.

I hope this helps!

asad ali

Thank you for the reply, Trina. Actually I wanted to create something where a user himself can assign time limits. Not by the person who creates/designs the course.

I think something like if we have three buttons on first slide "30 min" ,"20 min" and "10 min".

I want that this limit is set by the parent i.e  if "30 min" is selected, the kid will have 30 minutes only and then he won't be able to access the game afterwards. (like a parental control)

Thank you!

Nancy Woinoski

This can be done using JavaScript. I have created a simple example for you to take a look at and have attached the Storyline 360 project. In this example, you can set the time to be anything you want. The clock will start to count down when the play game button is pressed and will jump to a game over screen once the clock reaches zero.