Timing of slides in a screencast

Feb 17, 2016

I have inserted a step by step screen cast (in view mode) on a project I am busy with. The problem is, the slides progress too fast and learners may not be able to follow along. I tried adjusting/increasing the timeline to display for longer but it continues to jump to the next slide too quickly.

I even tried the recording twice over and slowed my actions down, thinking this might help but it did not. What am I doing wrong, please could someone help me?

Thanks in advance

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Joanne Chen

Hi Jessica, there are two ways you might consider to use. 

1.Let users control the pace they like by setting a next button to next slide (not auto run the slides) 

2.Mix a little guide mode in the view mode when moving on to the next slide by setting a hotspot. Showing a prompt with an arrow to point out where the screenshot they required to click to proceed.

Personally, I prefer the second one because it will engage users more with meanings rather than just click next button to continue.

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