Tips to make Customer Service Training more Interactive?

The purpose is to make interactive and meaningful. A module that can add to their knowledge through activity based learning

I want to add some short activities for the following topics:

1.       Tone of Voice -  For this I am planning to add audio clips of good and a bad call. After listening, the audience will see a list of things that went well or could be improved for the calls. They can select from these attributes based on their understanding of the good and bad points of the call

2.       Empathy

3.       Active Listening – maybe a riddle?

4.       Taking Ownership

5.       Handling an Angry Customer

Would love to hear your suggestions for this

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David Tait

About 10 years ago I worked on a course that contained a section about reading body language.

One of the activities asked the learner to watch a series of videos without any sound. They had to then select the emotion they thought the actor in the video was displaying. If the learner answered correctly they could re-watch the video with sound to discover the context that led to the emotion being displayed.

Reading facial expressions elearning

Nicole Legault

Hi there Siddhi!

I think one great way to make your content more engaging is to build some scenarios into it. If you're using Storyline 3 you can use that to create some great scenarios, using some simple background images, characters, and text entry boxes. Here's some articles about creating scenarios: 

Here's an example of a customer service based scenario I created with Storyline 360 but that you can also do with Storyline 3: 

Hope this helps give you some ideas!