Toggle button - problematic

I created this toggle button to show/hide layers by following another example.

Doesn't seem to work 100% though.  Works fine on the first slide but I have to click twice on the subsequent slides to get the layer to show. 

Could someone please have a look and advise where I am going wrong?

Much appreciated.


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Jessica Sundarlal

Hi Wendy

Thanks for looking into this for me.

I see that works fine as you are bringing the button back to an "off state" before proceeding. If  the button is left on it causes the erratic behaviour.

Ideally the students should be able to proceed without having to click that button twice on each screen. They could choose to leave the layer displayed and move on.

Hope I am making sense.

Wendy Farmer

That is what the toggle button does changes the variable from T/F or F/T which then shows/hides the layer.

if you click on the first slide and change it to True and don't click again to change it to false then when you go to the next slide the variable (same one is being used) is still true so you need to click twice to change to false then true again - to show the layer.