Tom- you said you needed an example for your courses

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Last year in London you said you were looking for people to let you have their live examples that you could use to do some before and after fancy stuff with in your courses.

well... I have just finished my first storyline project - and given that I have never even used PPT before I expect you can have a good time with it.

I have a really thick skin and would treat any critique as free consultancy.

If you still need examples please tell me how I get the file to you.

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David Anderson

Hi Kim - 

You can post your project here in the forums or email it to me: If you email it, can you send some info around what you're looking to have made over and what your ultimate goals would be (more interactivity, better visuals, less text, etc)?

Thanks for offering to share your work!

Kevin Croteau

I just purchased Storyline and I am also looking for feedback on my course.  General questions about Storyline:

  1. Can I open more than 1 project at a time or must I open a new instance of the application.
  2. I have been creating multiple projects vs. multiple scenes.  It seems to me I should be creating mores scenes within a project.
  3. I can preview 1 scene, but can I publish just 1 scene within a project?
  4. I uploaded my course in the forum, but would like to go back and delete it because of the nature of the content.  
  5. Is there a way to share the entire course vs. just the .story file in the forum?

I would be happy to share my 2 or 3 scenes that I have created.  My methodology is to add the content, then review all the Storyline functionality & tutorials to see if I can apply it to my scenes to make them more interesting and keep the learner engaged.  I would definitely value another set (objective) of eyes or perspective.  I try to add the audio as the last step.

Tom / Dave would really appreciate hearing your thoughts.  Tom I think you will be in San Diego this spring?

Are there any guidelines/tactics recommended to assess one's tutorials?

Is there a dedicated space to post courses for feedback and review other's work in turn?

Thanks Kevin.

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Kevin:

1-2. Yes, you can open more than one project at a time, but most of the time you'll be working within different scenes of the same project. I think of different scenes as different topics.

3. Perhaps someone can tell me if I'm wrong, but I'm not sure you can publish just one scene in Storyline. You could of course, copy the course you are working on, delete everything you don't want to publish and publish the scene you want to.

4. Deleting is always good.

5. Here's a tutorial where staffer David Anderson shares how to setup a dropbox so you can share your course with everyone on the forums:

As of right now, I don't believe there's a dedicated thread for e-learning examples. A good idea. Have you visited the Articulate Community Showcase?

Kim Taylor

OK many thanks Tom and David

Sorry for the delay - being in th UK  I am often asleep when you guys are online and i had to be out of the office all day.

I have put the course online on my Moodle site as part of a demo course accesable for the main menu.

the direct link is

It is an induction course aimed at giving an orientation to learners pursuing thier main course which is a high level management or consulting qualification.

not being a PPT person or having done any storyline stuff before my main concerns are:

look and feel

ease of use


interaction - how can i get this in so make it more interesting

anything else that needs sorting

many thanks


Phil Mayor

Hi Kim

Oh you are so Brave  

First thoughts are this

I really don't like the drag and drop menu, but let me qualify that.  I did not read the on screen instructions ( I wonder if I ever do) so pressed the buttons.  Perhaps you could make the drag items the same shape as the drop target an show a layer if the user just cicks on the objects.

Not sure you then need the play button as well, seem counter intuitive.

The card that the character is holding is on a slight angle to be a bit more realistic try  I would angle the objects and text on the card.

When you select an object they are still draggable on the next screen, it also would be an idea to let a user know where the are in a section as it would be easy to get lost.

I would review the template you have chosen, because of the menu and the huge CMI logo you only have a small usable space on the slide.

Some words on the slide would help, there is tons of audio (which is a little tinny) and I just wanted to get to something interactive, which I never found.

The CMI card is perspective looks wrong,

This may sound very critical, and I have reread this to ensure I was not being to harsh

Sorry if it all sounds critical, I viewed about ten minutes and then left so may not have seen it all.  Make it more interactive, overall though I would try to step away from the corporate template if possible


DeLora Reardon

I like the drag and drop menu because it means that you are not "accidentally" hitting a button to another area, something I do all the time, especially if using my phone.

I agree that there is a lot of audio (you may want to have a text version in your resources tab for those of us that drop off during audio playbacks), but you did a nice job of matching it to what is showing up - that can be very hard.

The one visual thing I noticed (other than what was noted earlier) is that there is a lot of pink text popping up in the main area in the women's card. You might consider changing the menu items to the nice purple-blue color you have the player in. I think that would tie in all the colors and not distract from the pink in the other part of the screen.

Otherwise, I am not bothered by the corporate type template since this is an introduction.

Nice job!

Kim Taylor

thanks for the review DeLora

i am banking up comments for the next week or so then will have a good review and make improvements. i think the suggestions made are very helpfull. thanks for your time.

it was a bit testing getting the timings right since this was my very first project, and took some persaverance.