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Mark Shepherd

Hi Tracy:

Like you, I am now running into the same item in a few of my eL projects - I have a LOT of variables, and I always seem to keep adding MORE....LOTS MORE (!) to them...

And, like Phil, I'm pretty much adding in a bunch of things based on whatever I want to track, which is contributing to this trend...

I think I have something like nearly 100 or so in most of my projects now.

Articulate Storyline seems to be able to accommodate a lot of variable values as just raw storage, so having lots of them in that sense doesn't really worry me that much.

It's just a question of how many TRIGGERS you build on a given slide or layer that utilize them.

Often, variables are a key driver for TRIGGER development.

On average, I tend to build about 5-10 triggers per object, depending on the detail/complexity of what I need to do, but I do sometimes wonder about what might be a top-line limit for how many triggers might work well in Storyline 2 before it "breaks" a slide or a layer...:/

Just out of curiosity, how has your variable building been working for you, over the past year?



Parashuram Vhaval

Hi Tracy, 

Your question is very interesting, but since its a year old tread I don't know you are still subscribed to it or not.

I too had some project in which I used many variables some of them were gamified courses.

Phil Mayor's milestone is quite far for me still. (Well, he is master blaster of storyline and this community and also his work is great inspiration for me)

My max variable count is 183 so far and everything in that file works well so surely its not too many yet.