Tools for tracking course development and/or maintaining a course library

Hi elearning heroes!

I'm looking for a tool that I can use to track the development of training courses. I'm currently using Excel, which works - but there must be a better system that could not only track the stage of the course development and who it is sitting with, but also track things like when it needs to be updated, or whether the course needs translating, or voice overs, or what assets its using etc. 

So what tools are you using to track and manage course details?


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Laurie White

Hi Roni! I've found kanban boards helpful to track development. I've used Trello and I currently use Microsoft Planner boards that I've pulled into an active Teams channel. I find that this lets me communicate even more effectively with the team.

You could also consider a cloud-based bug tracker or issue log software. I've used Axosoft successfully for eLearning QA tracking, as it lets you assign tickets according to a predetermined workflow. Axosoft is not free, however. Perhaps even look at migrating your Excel into Google Sheets and manage assignments through comments on a cell with a drop-down list for the workflow stage?

Sarah Hodge

Hi Roni! Great question! Laurie gave some awesome suggestions. I want to add my +1 to Trello. It's great for keeping organized and communicating with the team. I've also used Google Sheets to help keep track of course updates. I made this free course spreadsheet template. It can easily be imported into Google Sheets. I included a few dropdown options, but you can also add your own columns. I hope that helps!