Top e-learning hosting?

Feb 09, 2012


Im developing a few courses and have an LMS ready to deploy to a server, I was wordering what hosts you guys use?

I have scalability/cost in mind as we want to grow to be a big elearning company that can manage thousands of users! There must be some people on here that have big elearning systems with many users?

Just looking for advice? Elearning is different to having a static site on a small server because it will be downloading scorm courses all day long!

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Dow  Maneerattana

Hi Eric,

I have a follow-up question for you.  We have an internal portal that we're hosting our content.  However, we are having a lot of trouble with accessibility and the portal not working properly.  In short, even staff with great internet connection can't assess the content, and we haven't bother promoting to staff abroad with bad connection.

Do you have other suggestions for hosting?  This will be a private internal site and we'd prefer an option that doesn't limit the number of people accessing the content at the same time.

Alexandros Anoyatis

The most efficient way to host courses is by using a CDN (if your LMS supports this). When quick scalability is a requirement, I mostly use Rackspace cloud services to build the server stack, then throw courses over to the CDN and let the LMS load them from there.

However, there are some cheaper options out there, such as Digital Ocean or Lineode .

Hope this helps,

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