Toronto - Articulate Workshop Locations?

Hey Toronto-based community peeps!

It's that time of year again... we've started planning for the next 2-day 
Articulate Toronto Workshop, coming soon in the summer of 2016. 

We've held the event at Ryerson University and the downtown YMCA for the past 2 years ... but we're open to other, new suggestions! We need a room that

  1. comfortably fits about 60-70 people
  2. has plenty of power outlets
  3. has reliable, high speed wifi

If you know of a downtown Toronto location that meets these requirements... please chime in below! Thanks in advance!

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Cindy Plunkett

Hi Nicole, I know Tracy Parish and Sarah Dewar have likely chimed in with a few but I'll add a few here to the mix, SickKids has the Peter Gilgan centre, I can give you the contact info for their event co-ordinator, she's lovely!.  The media room they have would fit that many people I believe and there are power outlets built right into the table tops.  David has done workshops for us in that room before.  There are also some nice rooms in St. Mike's Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute.  Ron Price from Yukon learning also has a nice space they've used at Yonge & Bloor for their Storyline training sessions that might be a good fit and has lots of power available.

Ashley Chiasson

Not so much an assistance with location options, but a request:

Can we have it during a week when the Blue Jays are in town? I'd like to sandwich in some games while I'm there! Let's see:

- The week of June 9th

- The last week of June

- The first two weeks or last two weeks of July

Any of those sound do-able? :P