Total Length of Step By Step View and Try

Apr 17, 2017


Is there a way to get a quick look at the total length of a view me step by step recording or a try me step by step recording?  I know I can go to each slide and look at the timing and calculate the run time.  I am wondering is there is a counter in Storyline that I am missing that will tell me how long these scenes are.  Any help is appreciated.



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Allison LaMotte

Hi Dayle,

Since those step-by-step recordings are effectively slides, there's no way to view the entire duration other than adding up the individual timelines.

A workaround would be to import only that scene into a new project and then check the publishing options to see the duration of the entire project (see screenshot).

Hope that helps!

Dayle Kozlowski

Thank you.  I did not know that.  It was helpful.  When Storyline estimates a project duration, I am assuming it adds the time per slide for each screen record and then assigns a time to each regular (non screen record slide).  Is that correct?  If so, is the estimated duration fairly accurate?  Thanks for your help.


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