Using Storyline's built-in Free-Form Question Quizzing to create a Tour de France Interaction (ELC 297)

Sep 07, 2020

In this E-Learning Challenge we were asked to create interactions explaining aspects of the Tour de France.

For mine I created an opportunity to memorize some facts, practice what you learned and then enter a final challenge to climb on of the hills in the Tour.

Research for this took me in all sorts of directions. I finally settled on a scenario relating to safety and security at the race.



Storyline makes development easier by providing tools.  Since the key interactions were going to be drag-and-drop, I chose to use the built-in Freeform Question Quizzing.

This allows you to take any slide and turn it into an interaction.

Here is my first knowledge check.  We have six (6) icons and three (3) targets.  Without Storyline it would take a lot of triggers to check every target against every icon.  With Storyline I just had to fill out a quick form.

Then add a few simple triggers.

The second trigger takes the check button, which begins as hidden, and makes it visible when all of the icons are hidden.  How do we hide the icons?  By dropping them on any of the targets and using a "shrink on exit" animation.

Now that the button is visible, the student can click it and see their results.

I did something similar with the race interaction, but in this case I used the "Pick One" built-in interaction.

The more challenging part was animating the rider up the mountain.

Although there are ways to use animation to move the bike up the hill, I chose to have 8 different bikes, pre-placed, and then just toggle their states based on the number of correct answers.

I hope this tutorial helps you improve your e-learning development.

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Sarah Hodge

You have so many fun ideas, Ron! What a creative way to test facts. During the "race" part, the hover text for each option hid behind the images (see attached). I'd recommend placing the text above or below each image option so they are always visible. Anyway, I love the rider up the mountain concept! It reminded me of the Cliff Hangers game on The Price is Right. 😁

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